Lately I have been hearing the same advice from more than one source.  If you want to be found, you need to play the SEO game.  If you don’t play, you will remain invisible.  If you want to be heard, you should be involved in marketing and promoting yourself. 

Your promotion acitivities:

  • Your message should be focused on your niche.
  • You should be consistant and persistent in your message.
  • All your communication should reflect your message. 

Questions to ask yourself about your future clients:

  • What are they looking for?
  • How would they search for you in Google?
  • What are the keywords they would use to find you or your competition?
  • What is the main message you want your clients to receive once they find you?

You should investigate:

  • What your future clients are looking for.
  • How they are searching for their needs.
  • Who shows up when they search this way.
  • The message they receive once they find their results.

Dont forget.  There are others, your competition, that are reaching your future clients right now.  They don’t know what your message is because they don’t know you exist.  They don’t know you exist because you haven’t made it easy for them to find you.

It’s time for you to get in the SEO game.  Are you standing on the sidelines?  Be visible, leave a Reply.