The road of life you’ve been traveling on seems never to end and shortcuts appear to be the easiest way to your final destination.  If you take that shortcut, you might get there sooner, but at what cost? 

You might have skipped over an essential part of the trail.  Sure, you might have reached the destination earlier, but you missed important details you needed when you arrived.  On the suggested path you might have met someone along that way who would be your guide and give you important advice about the pitfalls to avoid.  The experience you might receive from traveling the extra mile is priceless, especially when that extra mile gives you wisdom and insight into future decisions.

When it comes to learning new skills, there comes a time when the student thinks they know all there is to know about the skill.  Even though the teacher says there are still many things to learn, the student decides to short circuit their studies and ventures off into the real world.  Sooner or later, the student realizes they do not know all there is to know about the skill.  The smart ones return to finish their training from the master of the skill.

The next time you are learning a new skill, remember to follow the advice of the masters of the skill.  The masters have earned wisdom through knowledge and practical experience.  The masters share their wisdom with the students who will listen.  The wise students become masters through listening, practising, then teaching others what they have learned.  In order to teach a skill you must understand it.

Remember: No Shortcuts.  Complete the Journey.