No USB FlashDrive

No USB FlashDrive

Most of us take for granted how important USB flash drives have become in our lives.  We use flash drives for storage and transportation of everything digital in our lives.  We store all kinds of documents on them; presentations, resumes, spreadsheets, eBooks, pictures, music, etc.

Recently, public computers have been infected by flash drives that had viruses on them.  The IT departments have modified their security policies by removing access to USB flash drives.  So, how does this effect you and your digital life?  What do you do, if you need to use a public computer in an environment that does not permit access to flash drives or FLOPPY drives? Hopefully, your IT department will allow an Online Storage solution to be used.

FREE Online Storage Options:

Name Storage FEE Website
Sugar Sync 2 GB FREE
Files Anywhere 1 GB FREE
A Drive 50 GB FREE
Google Docs 1 GB FREE
Office Live 5 GB FREE
Skydrive Live 25 GB FREE

Over the next few posts I will be testing out and reviewing the FREE Online Storage Solutions.  Hopefully, one of these will meet your needs for online storage.

Did I miss any that you would like for me to include?