If you have any kind of digital presence on the internet, you have probably experienced SPAM or PHISHING emails.  Those unwanted emails that never seem to go away.

A few months ago, my email boxes were so full, I was seriously considering abandoning my email address and starting all over.
The only problem with that plan was I have had my favorite email for over a decade. It’s part of my identity.  Can you imagine how disruptive it would be?

I have tried a few different paid filters that run locally on my computer, but the SPAM emails seemed to always evolve and sneak through the filters.

Finally, I had enough.  I needed something that would filter obvious SPAM and PHISHING emails before my computer saw them.

I spent many hours researching SPAM filtering services.  I finally decided on trying out a spam blocker called at MXGuarddog.com.

So far, I have been happy with my choice.

Here are a few notes about my experience

  1. You need to be in control of your Domains DNS settings because you’ll be routing your email through MXGuarddog.com servers.
  2. After the account has been setup, you choose which emails you want to filter.
  3. You choose how aggressive you want the filtering to be.
  4. If there are emails that slip through you send email with the SPAM email attached to MXGuarddog.com for them to learn what you consider SPAM.
  5. Each email receives its own Quarantine report.  You can decide to release message from quarantine or release and whitelist the sender.
  6. You can also set the Quarantine Report frequency.

So far, I am pretty impressed.  My emails have become manageable again.  I feel like I’ve regained my life.