In my previous blog on Olympus C-3000 Zoom I forgot to mention two other features that are on my list of must have list.

Rose up close and personal

Rose up close and personal

Additional must have features: 

1. The Macro Mode is a must have for taking really close-up pictures.  The picture “Rose up close and personal” was taken using a macro lens on my current camera.  There are many times when you want to capture the minute details of an object.  The Olympus C-3000 Zoom does this very nicely.  The next camera I get needs to at least meet the quality of this camera.

2. The built-in lens hood is another must have.  Ever since purchasing my camera we have had a constant battle with keeping track of the lens cap.  My next camera, I want less to think about.  Not having to worry about the lens cap will be a definite plus.

The size of the camera doesn’t really matter as much, as long as I can have all the other features I’m looking for in a similar form factor as my current camera the Olympus C-3000 Zoom.  I’ve already seen many cameras that come really close to my ideal camera.  I’m sure I won’t have to wait much longer for my entire feature wishlist to be fulfilled.

Till next time, I’ll still be using my camera to capture life around me.