Have you ever been in the situation where there are several Powerpoint presentations that need to be presented in the same meeting?  Or how about that last minute correction to the powerpoint  just before a presentation starts.  Or someone brings in a CD with a bunch of images and wants you to display them in a particular order.  When you’re in the Multimedia booth, it seems to happen all the time.

A few years ago, I was introduced to this wonderful presentation application called MedaShout.  It helps make the Multimedia staff look good.

Some of its features are:

  • drag and drop PowerPoint files, image files, video files into a single script 
  • create text objects, much like PowerPoint
  • re-arrange the media objects order by dragging them around in the script
  • add fade to black or white
  • do timed transitions or synchronize them with sound files
  • Activate any media objects at random
  • Announcement mode
  • Create Text slides on the fly
  • Lookup & display practically any media file on the fly

Some of the other features include,  multiple screens, the script screen, a control screen and the live screen.

I recently heard that version 4 is available.  It has some new features that haven’t been available until now.  Stage Display.  This is useful when you have a audience projector and a speaker projector.  Just the text without graphics can be displayed on the speaker’s projector.  Another feature, if you’re already familiar with MediaShout is Section Cues for grouping media presentation activities together.  And finally ability to import PowerPoint into the system so it can separate the text from the graphics to take advantage of the power of MediaShout.

I’m pretty excited about this updated Multimedia tool.  I’m going to recommend that we get the upgrade.

Till next time, MediaShout Rocks