WiFi service is now free at McDonald’s.  I visited my local McDonald’s just to see how easy it was to use.  I was pretty impressed.  Here is what I found.

Regarding Connection:

  • No Login Required
  • Required Acceptance of terms of service & acceptable use.

NOTE: This was much easier than the double login required at Starbucks

Website Access:

  • Visited all the sites I normally use without issues
  • Visited mrwes.net, Yeah McDonald’s, no gateway or firewall issues.

NOTE: Starbucks, had some weird issues with my website.  I’m already “Lovin’ McDonald’s”

Regarding videos:

  • Had access to video channels
  • Embedded YouTube videos (No problems)
  • YouTube.com (No problems)
  • Revision3.com/tekzilla (No problems)
  • Geekbrief.tv (No problems)

NOTE: Some videos performed better in lower resolution

Regarding noise:

  • There music was a little more geared towards teenagers
  • A few more teenagers introduces more noise

NOTE: Bring headphones to cancel out the extra noise from the crowd and house music.

Regarding Coffee:

  • McDonald’s Mocha was pretty good

Regarding Electrical Outlets:

  • Starbucks wins on available outlets
  • Starbucks are designed to accomodate people staying awhile.

Regarding WiFi cost:

  • No Charges