In February 2010 some friends and I decided to start a networking group called Linking209.  Its name focuses on a specific region covered by the 209 area code.  The primary focus at this time is Stanislaus County, San Joaquin County and surrounding areas.  In other words the Greater Stockton area, Modesto, Tracy, Manteca and surrounding cities.  It’s an open group in LinkedIn.  If you want to join and network with us, feel free to visit this link Linking209 in LinkedIn

The Linking209 mission is to provide networking opportunities for people who live and work in the 209 area code.  In order to facilitate this mission, I am in the process of creating a community based website at  I would love for everyone in the 209 area code to join and contribute.  Please visit the website and join.  If you would like to have a blog on, please feel free to visit the site and contact me.  We’ll get you set up.  If you know of anyone who has a blog and who would like to be added to our blogroll or be a guest writer, please let them know about I’ll be happy to add links to  city councils, chambers and other organizations in the 209 area code.

It is my hope that the people of the 209 area code will get excited about networking together and contribute by adding value to each other and the group.

Regarding this blog,, it will always be my personal blog.  I plan to continue writing as I have little bits of wisdom to share with everybody.  However, I also plan to branch out a little into other areas of my expertise.  Linking209 will allow me and other subscribers to contribute through blogging and commenting on blog posts.

If you have suggestions, please feel free to share.  I’m open to any and all suggestions.
BTW, I have plans for another WordPress theme. I haven’t found the right one yet. The reason I ended up announcing the website is because I already have Linking209 T-Shirts, so it was bound to get out anyway.