I teach a two part workshop called Personal Marketing Workshop on a regular basis.  During the first workshop we do several exercises to help the attendees figure out what their Career Vision should be.  During the second workshop we do more exercises to help the attendees figure out where they are in the Job Market and how they need to position themselves to compete with others in their field of expertise.  One of these exercises is the SWOT analysis.

  • Strengths – Preceived strengths you have over your competition
  • Weaknesses – Perceived weakneses that your competition doesn’t have
  • Opportunities – Potential market opportunities you could have if you address your weaknesses
  • Threats – Potential obstacles to your career

The Strengths and Weaknesses are internal things we have identified that might help or hinder your attempts to market yourself to potential employers.

The Opportunities and Threats are external Job market conditions.

During these classes, I do my own personal SWOT analysis just to keep current.  I have discovered there are many opportunities available to me, if I eliminate one of my weaknesses.

How am I going to develop and keep a LASER Focus on the weakness elimination?

 Develop LASER focus on Weakness Elimination:

  • Lighten my load – Just say NO to non mission critical tasks
  • Accountability Partner – keep checking on your progress
  • Schedule your time wisely (Schedule mission critical tasks in the morning)
  • Eliminate distraction opportunities (Schedule distractions/time-suckers for later in the day)
  • Repeat until done

 Keep on Repeating the LASER focus on your targeted Weaknesses they have been addressed.