Many people think of iTunes as just a place to download entertainment.  They download music or movies for their iPod, iPhone or iPad.  They probably have not thought of iTunes as a resource to get educational information.  If you’re looking for information on a particular subject of course you might search for videos on YouTube or other internet sources. But don’t forget iTunes.

On iTunes you might find a lecture or tutorial video on the subject you’re looking for.  Don’t take my word for it.  Try it out.  Go visit the iTunes store, then do a find on “Human Resources” or “Chemistry” or “Biology” or “Podcasting”

As you view the results, you will find most of the FREE resources are available under “Podcasts” or “iTunes U”.

Inside  “iTunes U” you will find many FREE resources are provided through well-known Colleges or Universities.

Inside “Podcasts” you might find a podcast that caters to your desire for more information about that subject.