If you’re like, me you hear about a book recommendation from a blog, blog comment, vlog, newscast, friend or even another book.  I used to record book titles in my notepad on my cell phone and then look them up later.  That was until I discovered this iPhone App.  The application I’m talking about is called BOOK BAZAAR.  The publisher’s website is BayViewLabs.com.

Now when I hear of a new book that I’d like to check out I launch BOOK BAZAAR to help me remember.  I can do a search based on ISBN, Title, Author or Keyword.

The search results show the book or a list of books along with book artwork that it found.  Click on the book and it brings up the details along with a list of where you can get it and the going rate for the book at each book source.  It provides a method for ordering online if that’s what you want to do.

The feature that I really love is called the Wishlist.  I can add the book(s) that were just looked up to the Wishlist.  Then when I’m at the library, used bookstore or even my favorite bookstore, I can see if they have one of the books on my wishlist.  If they do, I can review it myself to see if it would be worthwhile reading.

What a useful App.