Yesterday, I wrote “Re-invent your career”  In that post, I listed several questions to ask yourself.  I’ve been asking myself and others which skills are the most important to know.  Of course I get mixed answers.  I have narrowed the marketable skills down to Objective-C.  The business establishments that I would like to work for require Objective-C programming experience with iPhone and Mac OS X development experience.

How I’m Re-Inventing my Career:

  • Becoming proficient at Objective-C
    • Objective-C is used for both iPhone and Mac OS X development.
    • Obtain iPhone and learn all aspects of iPhone App development
    • Obtain Mac OS X system and learn all aspects of Mac OS X App development
    • Learn by Watching Videos on iPhone & Mac OS X development
    • Learn by developing iPhone App for iPhone store
  • Reinforce / Build colleague networks
    • Meet on regular basis
  • Looking for Mac & iPhone software developer Community to network with
  • Utilize Forums/ Groups /NING / Meetup for learning & networking
  • Meet with other like-minded people to discuss the topic of iPhone & Mac OS X development
  • Participate in Forums and Blogs, either writing blogs or commenting on them.

Side note, since I will be using these new tools, I believe there will be lots of experiences to write about in my blog.