Determining how successful a person depends on who you talk to.  If you ask 10 people what they think success is, you’ll probably get 10 different answers.  Each person you ask defines success based on different criteria.  Success might be based on the ideals of a leader, teacher, mentor, or family member.  It might be based on overcoming past experiences, achieving fame / wealth, or not repeating history.

World English Dictionary defines “succeed” as “to accomplish an aim, esp in the manner desired.”

World English Dictionary defines “successful” as “having succeeded in one’s endeavors.”

I like this definition.  Success is to accomplish the result we desired.

Is your definition of success based on what you or what others think you should accomplish?


Sometimes our efforts at success are met with obstacles.  A long time ago, I heard someone say that obstacles are there to see how committed we are to finish what we started.

Final thoughts

If you want to be successful, follow your heart.  Navigate the obstacles and accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.