Spammers, Malware & Virus writers are always trying to catch us off guard especially when it comes to our passwords.  When we’re on Social Networks like Facebook we have a tendency to trust email messages that appear to be sent from our trusted friends and colleagues.  We click on links assuming that they’re being helpful to us by providing a one click method to visit a helpful website.  They entice us with a prize at the other side of a submit button.  All you have to do, they say, is give us an email & a password to get access.  Without considering the consequences we provide them with the tools they need to pose as us.  With these tools they can login to our accounts and spread their deception to even more unsuspecting family, friends and colleagues.  Have you fallen prey to their schemes?  Perhaps you may already be a victim but haven’t discovered it yet.

The problem: Many people use the same password for all their accounts including all their email accounts.

The solution: Make each password unique for each account.  If needed write it down then store it in a secure location.

The challenge: Change your passwords NOW for each account.  If you’re like many, you probably have several accounts that share the exact same password.