One of the goals I have for my blog is to be visited by someone from each of the 50 United States.  Tracking this data has been easy with Google Analytics.  My blog has been consistently visited by people from 45 states.

The only states not visiting are:

State Population Rank
Rhode Island 43rd
Montana 44th
Delaware 45th
Alaska 47th
Wyoming 50th

In my quest to meet this goal, I have been looking into the demographics of these states.  I am trying to figure out why I haven’t received any visits from these states.  So far, the only  thing I see in common are they have the lowest rank in population.

State Cybercafes
Rhode Island 0
Montana 1
Delaware 1
Alaska 8
Wyoming 1

Only Alaska has more than 1 Cybercafe.

State Economy median household income
Rhode Island healthcare and education services $47,037
Montana agriculture and microbrewery beers $35,574
Delaware agriculture and industrial $49,545
Alaska oil, gas and seafood $52,141
Wyoming mineral extraction, travel and tourism $43,785

The economies are different.

What are the people from these states interested in? Any ideas?