Most “For Dummies” books are worth reading even if you’re not a dummy.

  • They assume you know very little on the subject
  • They try to put complex subjects in simple terms
  • They give you alot of practical examples
  • Some of them, like programming books, will give you tutorials

The best way to learn when reading the “For Dummies” books:

  • Read the entire book
  • Complete all the tutorials and examples in the book
  • Don’t short-circuit the learning process, work through all the exercises
  • Don’t skip any part of the book, you may miss an important note
  • Pay attention to the parts of the book that have tips in them
  • Take note of the chapters you don’t understand then re-read those parts again until you do

There’s an old saying that  “the struggle makes you stronger”. I believe this to be true.  The more challenges I face and overcome, the easier it will be to face future encounters.  Thankfully,  books like those in the “For Dummies” series provide you with valuable experience to cope with the challenges you will encounter in the future.