The details are better at 600 dpi

Yesterday in my post, Trouble with Fonts, I shared about all the problems I was experienced with the embroidery setup.  Today I brought in the desired logo image as a GIF image.  Unfortunately, the software didn’t like GIF images.  So, what kind did it like?  JPG format was the preferred format.  So,I brought in the right file format.  When the image was imported into the program it appeared to shrink from a very large size in the image file to 1/4 inch high.  The program had a difficult time trying to identify some of the characters.  It lost some detail.  So, what was going on?  After I thought about it for a while, it turns out that the default for my paint program was 92 dpi.  That was fine for websites, but not to good for interpretation by Embroidery software.  Once, I figured out what was going on, I changed the scale to 600 dpi and selected the largest font that was available 288 pt.  After these adjustments, I created my logo again.  This time, the Embrodery software had not trouble identifying the characters.  In fact it was pretty flawless.  We generated a test with the new image and everything worked beautifully.

MrWes.Net logo on Blue shirt

MrWes logo on blue shirt

Once we worked out all the kinks the finished product was exactly what I was looking for.  Now I know that a 600 dpi jpeg image is exactly what an Embroidery machine is looking for.  I also learned that while you’re working out the details of an image, you might want to have your laptop handy to make any last minute details.

MrWes.Net logo on Green Shirt

MrWes logo on green shirt

Great Job

Within hours of submitting my design,  I was able to wear the final product.  I plan to wear these shirts all the time.  In fact, I’m already planning on having a few more made.  It turns out embroidery is pretty affordable.  Thanks you Double Stitch for helping me get the end result I was looking for.

The Results

I started wearing my shirt right after I received it from the shop.  Without even thinking about the message I was sending out to the public.   To my surprise, a cashier at Home Depot started up a conversation about social networking and Twitter.  That was really cool.  I’m already getting the results, I was hoping for.

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