Yesterday, I wrote a blog called “LASER Focus,” in the blog was an acronym for LASER which consisted of words that were very precise and focused.  After I was finished with that blog, I started thinking about that acronym and decided I should create one for the word FOCUS as well.  So here it is.


In order to focus on anything first you need to know what you’re going to focus on.  In other words, you need a vision.  A definition of what you’re supposed to be doing.  Once you have that vision, you can   Then you can align your sight to the focal point or Vision. 


Why are you focusing on this thing?  What are you supposed to do with it?  This would be your mission.


The next step is to concentrate your efforts or increase the intensity of your efforts on the desired outcome or mission.  By concentrating the distractions will not influence you when it comes time to complete the mission.


The mission should be clear and unambiguous.  There should be no doubt as to where or what to put your sights on.  A clear mission will direct you in the right direction.  It will prevent you from wasting your time going down the wrong path.


Finally there’s the Strategy, the plan that will help guide your and streamline your efforts at accomplishing the mission.


  • Focalize – to align your sight to a focal point (The Vision)
  • Objective – the goal of your actions (The Mission)
  • Concentrate – intensify your efforts to fulfill the mission
  • Unambiguous – no uncertainty or doubt as to the desired outcome (The Mission)
  • Strategy – The plan to accomplish the mission
  • The next time you FOCUS on a task, think of this acronym.  It might help to improve your accuracy in accomplishing your goals.