In the previous post email SPAM combat strategy: Part 1 I introduced the concept of using tracer emails to help track where your email has been and possibly who’s been sharing it.  In this post, I will be sharing how to manage all these gmail accounts using a single email application.

What you need:

  • Gmail accounts as discussed in Part 1
  • Access to Gmail via your browser
  • An email program that can handle IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) services
    • IMAP leaves emails on the server until you physically drag them to the Trash, then delete them from there
    • This gives you the benefit of being able to access your gmail account through the browser or through your email program

What to do:

  1. Configure each gmail account to permit IMAP access.
    • Google gives directions for enabling IMAP services in gmail. 
  2. Add IMAP folders to your email application for each gmail account.
  3. Record emails and corresponding function/occasion in a notebook or to your cell phone for quick recall
    • You don’t want to be caught offguard the next time you’re asked for that email
  4. Update your various accounts to utilize the new email accounts as appropriate
    • Change each Social Network emails
    • Update Web Administration emails
    • Update online resumes with Job Boards
    • Update Gravatar profile, avatar needs to match the email you use for comments
  5. Update your signatures for each gmail account
    • If you’re using Outlook, select Tools > Options
    • Click on the Mail Format Tab
    • Click on the Signatures buttonEmailSignatureClick on the New button to create a new Signature.  Then give the signature a name and enter the signature content.  Then click OK button to return to signature Options.CreateSignature
    • Select mygmail Account
    • Select MySignature to go with mygmail account
    • Click Apply buttonEmailSignatureChoose
  6. Customize Outlook Today Folders
    • Go to Outlook Today
    • Click on Customize Outlook Today Button
    • Then click on the Choose folders button ChooseFolders
    • Then check on the Inbox checkboxes of your gmail accounts
    • SelectFoldersWhen the Outlook Today page shows, it will include these inboxes.  It will not have the gmail names, but it will show you when emails arrive in those gmail accounts.UpdatedOutlookToday


Do you think this SPAM combat strategy will work?  Did this post give you some ideas on managing multiple gmail accounts?