I was recently asked if I could produce a picture of myself at a particular event. As I looked through my archive of pictures, I became painfully aware that there were not any pictures of me at any of the events I had attended. I know I was there and I know who was taking pictures at those events besides me. I need to make sure a few pictures of me are mixed in with the others.

At past events I have been so busy taking pictures of other people that I forgot to get a few pictures of me having fun with everyone else. When you’re at an event, most people don’t normally say to themselves, gee, maybe I should take a picture of myself with the group. Or maybe I should ask someone else to take some pictures for a while. I think from now on, I will make it a point to be in 4 or 5 pictures. Maybe, at least, I need to get digital copies from the other photographers at the event.

How about you? Do you make it into the pictures on your camera? What methods do you use to get in your pictures? How do you remember to get in your own pictures? I look forward to your comments.