There is nothing like the feeling that comes when you see the fruits of your labor.  This year I added iPhone application developer to my expanding list of Information Technology skills.  It has been a journey of frustration and elation.  I have spent many long hours acquiring the skills and learning complex concepts that only come with practical experience.  One of the rewards as a software developer is demonstrating the product for the first time.  When the customer sees their idea, captured on a piece of paper, has become a reality it is a truly magical moment.

More rewards from the journey

While taking an idea from concept to reality is a very rewarding part of the journey, it is not quite over yet.  There are still many tasks that must be completed in order to finish the project.  The software must pass Quality Assurance to verify that it meets or exceeds the product requirements and specifications.

Then the software must survive real world use.

The final test is when the software is released into the wild. 

The greatest reward for a software developer is when people use it, recommend it to others and it survives the test of time.

NOTE: I have had the good fortune of developing software and firmware for several products that are still in production and actively being sold on the market today.