Many cameras today take Super High Quality or High Definition pictures. This is great for making posters, but not so good when you want to take a picture for a social profile. Most of us have received a great picture taken by a friend that is either too high definition or the picture orientation is rotated by 90 degrees. This post is a tutorial using Microsoft Office Picture Manager to resolve some common photo issues so you can use your photos with Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn.

Fixing a rotated picture

For obvious reasons, people don’t like rotating their heads to view a picture on their computer monitors.  You need to rotate the picture for easier viewing.  You can do this by doing the following:


Picture that needs rotating

1. Launch Office Picture Manager. Look under Programs => Microsoft Office => Microsoft Office Tools => Office Picture Manager.
2. Click on the icon that shows 2 triangles. One virticle, the other rotated. You choose Rotate Left or Rotate Right.  In this image, I have show the Rotate Right button highlighted.
3. Once you have rotated the image, you would click on the Save button


Reducing a high definition picture

If you are preparing a picture for viewing on the internet, you don’t need to have the same resolution. All Social Networks want a small picture that is quickly loadable. The High Definition pictures don’t fit these requirements, so you need to reduce the resolution.


Change picture resolution

1. Launch Microsoft Office Picture Manger. Look under Programs => Microsoft Office => Microsoft Office Tools => Office Picture Manager.
2. Click on Edit Pictures.


Editing Picture

3. Click on Compress Pictures Link.


Reduce resolution

4. Click on Compress for Documents.
5. Select File
6. Select Save As
7. Use different name, so you don’t over-write your original file.NOTE: The file size was reduced from the Original 2.53MB to 273KB.
Most Social Networking websites will accept files this small.

Resizing and Cropping on the web

Once your picture that has been compressed into a usable size, there are websites that will help you to resize and crop your image for a specific Social Network’s image size requirements.  I would recommend reading my article “Resizing your image for social network profile” for more information about how to do it.