A pair of motivational books, “Getting Things Done” and “The Success Principles”, emphasize the need to clear your mind of all unfinished business so your mind can focus on the present as well as the future.

To use a Windows analogy: it’s like having a process running that’s associated with a program you installed a long time ago, but aren’t using anymore.  It isn’t needed anymore, but it takes up some of the CPU processing power.  It needs to be uninstalled in order to remove the associated process.

Sometimes, we have a project or task that we completed, but we never recorded the results or didn’t have an opportunity to pass along the wisdom.  These little loose ends need closure.  I have started working on my success logs.  This is the place I will record my successes along with wisdom learned.  The success logs will do three things for me.  First, it will allow me to record the wisdom I’ve gained through the experience.  Second, it will allow me to remove the subconscious process that was installed to handle that task.  Third, it will provide a place for me to review my successes whenever I need the encouragement.

The end result should a clearer mind and possibly more processing power for today and the future.

Till next time, Tie up your loose ends