Something is in the air.  All of the sudden everybody is out shopping.  What is this phenomenon?  It’s not even Christmas yet. It’s not even the day after Thanksgiving day (Black Friday) yet. Black Friday is typically one of the biggest shopping days of the year. So, why is everybody out shopping the week before?

Count the cost
It seems like many stores are competing early for shoppers’ dollars earlier this holiday. The sales have already begun. Why wait for a sale and fight the crowds when you can get it a few days earlier without all the hassles? Most of the time, people are rushing from place to place, trying to get that bargain, standing in long lines to save a few dollars. It is true, you might save $20 or $30 bucks but at what cost? If you count the number of hours spent standing in lines and multiplied that by the value of your time, you might discover you come out ahead when you buy a few days earlier or a few days after Black Friday. We already counted the cost and decided to make a purchase early. The time we spend on Friday morning will be with each other over breakfast at the local Waffle shop.

Watch for crazy drivers
I’ve noticed that a lot of people are starting to drive crazy. Drivers seem to have a lot of stuff on their minds and concentrating on the road doesn’t seem to be on their list of concerns. What does this mean for everybody else? It means the only person that is watching out for you is you. Keep your eye out for those people who are not paying attention. Be careful when you’re entering intersections. I’ve already seen a few people run red lights in intersections. Don’t assume everybody will be courteous on the road.

Have you noticed a change in people’s behavior already? Is it my imagination or is there something to it?