In a perfect world, you would have lots of time to do everything that needs to get done. However, our world is less than perfect and we rarely have enough time to get everything done.
Sometimes, your spouse or significant other needs your attention. If you’ve been busy during the week, you’d better not say no on the weekend. This was the case for me this weekend. My wife was stressing about a Monday deadline for a project she was working on. She really needed help getting it finished. We ended up spending a lot of time working together as a team. We finished her project in time & she is very happy now. Did I get any of my stuff done? Yes/No. I didn’t get any items on my wishlist, but I did take care of some items on my honey-do list. I did accomplish one thing on my list.  I’m balancing the family side of my life.

Till next time, try balancing your weekend