Many times, I wonder if I say too little or not enough.  When I was in elementary school, my teachers would tell me to write in more detail.  They would say I had not written enough detail.  I should be more descriptive.  In high school, my teachers would tell me to be more succinct.  I was giving too much detail.  In college, some professors would tell me to write in more detail.  At work, I would hear about making sure I was using the write information for the intended audience.  Of course, I was to keep the written documents short.  “Just the executive summary if you please,” would be the cry.

So here is the dilemma, am I writing too much or not enough?  It seems like no matter which way I would write, someone would always want it different.  So, what is a writer to do?

Pictionary is a game like charades, except that you draw out the word while your teammates guess the word. When I play pictionary, I like to draw the  background or supporting information first.  Basically I draw the context of the item.  Then I draw the item in its proper context so everybody knows exactly what I am drawing.  For some people, this drives them nuts.  For others, they understand that I am drawing the details or setting up the context.  They wait until I had given them the context of the item, then they can figure out the item I am drawing.

Getting back to blog writing.  Is the practice of setting up the background or context first being too wordy?  I see many other established blogs have posts that contain at least 1000 words if not more.  My blogs up to this point are somewhere between 250 to 500 words.  Of course I’ve been blogging for a relatively short amount of time compared to many professional bloggers.  I am sure I can make my posts longer, but should I?

What do you think about my blogs?  Are they too short?  Do I go into enough detail?  Are they interesting enough?  Any and all comments or suggestions are welcome. 

Please post a reply and let me know what you think.