Today was the first time I have been to MacWorld in over 10 years. In years past you could see that Apple had a major role in the Expo. They had a spot in the center of all the other exhibitors. This year, it seemed like there was something missing. Well, of course it was Apple. I missed them. They should be there to support their fans. Of course, it should probably be called AppleWorld since the focus of products being shown range from Mac apps & iPhone apps to all kinds of accessories as well as various publishers.

I realize a lot of companies are probably being very conservative this year. Most likely they are waiting for the economy to get better before spending a lot of money on booth space and all the other added fees that go with it (electricity, internet, etc).

The highlight for me was the “Mobile Applications Showcase” near the center of the show floor.  Many times, you might see an app in the iPhone App Store, and you wonder if it’s really worth the money they’re charging for it. The “Mobile Applications Showcase” allowed vendors to show off the features of their applications, so attendees could try them out.

I found a few applications I’m interested in. I’ll be taking a closer look at them in the near future.

Will I be going to MacWorld next year? Yes, I’m planning on attending in 2011.