In my Network Marketing Workshops, I tell everybody to participate in forums.  When someone hears a statement like this they might think of discussion groups.

Some better known discussion groups

They might say, this seems like a lot of trouble or do I really have to join a discussion group just to participate in a forum?

LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers

If you are a member of LinkedIn, then the Answers are literally in front of your nose.  You’re already a member of a 40 million member network of people.  All you have to do is click on the Answers tab and you’ll be transported to the Answers section of LinkedIn.  For your convenience, I have added the link here.

When members have questions they go to the Answers section of LinkedIn.  When you visit the Answers section, you can either ask a question or review and answer questions.  The questions are categorized so as you can quickly navigate through the kinds of questions being asked.

Just for fun, you should visit the Answers section to see if you can help.

Always remember, whenever you help by providing your knowledge or insight, you are not only helping them out but you’re helping yourself out too. 

You never know, a future network connection might be waiting for someone just like you to help them with their next venture.