Some people are prejudiced against Facebook. They have a pre-conceived notion that it’s all a waste of time.  While it is true that a lot of people might spend excessive amounts of time on it, Facebook can be an effective social networking tool. 

 4 reasons to use Facebook

  1. It is one of the main methods of communication people use today.
    • people have communication options
      • post a public message on their own wall
      • share pictures or videos
      • post a message on a friend’s wall
      • post an announcement or invitation
      • comment on a post
      • send a direct message – like email but inside Facebook
      • communicate via instant messages when both parties are online
    • people use it to avoid SPAM
  2. The community spans generations
    • Youth play the games
    • Young adults share their lives with each other
    • Mature adults share their lives, play games, network and also get a glimpse of their children’s lives
    • Senior adults use it for communication, networking
  3. It strengthens relationships with your family, friends & community
    • Stay informed about family events and needs
    • Family can stay connected with each other even if they they’re separated by time-zones.
    • Helps you to know about events in your network’s personal lives.
  4. It provides a platform to connect with other people who have similar interests and views or values as you do.
    • You can use Facebook to find others to associate with on the internet.
    • Others can use this same technology to find you.

Will there be people on Facebook who are annoying?  YES. 

NOTE: Facebook has this wonderful feature that allows you to hide those people who comment way too much.  Some of your friends don’t realize that every detail of their life is a little too much; just sharing the major stuff would be sufficient.