Do you have air in your spare?  Why would I ask such a silly question?  You might say I’ve learned from practical experience.  I had a flat tire today.  But, there’s more to the story than that.  I went to replace the tire with my “donut” spare tire.  The bad part was the donut was flat too.  Fortunately the flat happened while I was in town, so I was able to resolve the issue without too much effort.  This incident, however, really got me thinking about safety and being prepared.

I decided to create a list of the bare minimum that everyone should have in each car they drive.

11 items everyone should have in their car:

  1. Drinking water and snack food
  2. Blankets and warm clothes
  3. Cell phone and charger
  4. Flashlight
  5. Paper and pencil/pen
  6. Toilet paper
  7. Tire changing kit (spare tire with air, jack, lug wrench, gloves)
  8. Air pump
  9. 12 foot jumper cables
  10. Fluids: oil, anti-freeze, windshield fluid
  11. First aid kit

Did I miss anything important?  Please add a comment to let me know.